Noemi Eliza

Noemi began playing instrumentsand-singing as a young child and her talents allowed her to attend LaGuardia High School of
the Performing Arts, in New York City.

With over 25 years of experience in music, band and choir. She has Performed at Lincoln Center, Manhattan Center and Numerous churches, community and charity events.

As a voice teacher and vocal coach, she has privately taught many students of all ages. Over the years, she has grown dramatically in her art,
honing her skills, receiving numerous accolades, performing in various
venues across the country, and ultimately Producing and recording her own CD.

She has always believed inthe power ofmusic to transform lives;
a belief that drives her passion to bring this art to children and adults everywhere.

Music is her life and she wants toshare that gift that God has allowed her toh a v e with others.