Vera Kasevich

Vera is a dedicated professional with over 30 years in music and ministry. She was born in the Soviet Union, a country where the church and belief in God were banned, although her name Vera translates as “Faith”. From early childhood, Vera studied music, and after graduating from Music School, Music College and Music University, Vera acquired a degree and then 30+ years of experience in the Symphony Orchestra (violin), Music Teacher (piano, violin), Director and Conductor of the Choir (Hillsong), Worship Leader, Vocal Coach and Producer.

Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, Vera heard the Gospel from missionaries from America and Australia and became a Christian in 1992, beginning her journey as a minister at the Hillsong Kiev Church. Postponing plans to emigrate to the United States, Vera and her husband Zhenya, also a professional musician, decided to invest their knowledge and experience in the birth and development of worship music in post-soviet countries. Over 20 years of service in the Hillsong Church as Senior Pastor with her husband, Vera translated more than 400 songs into Russian and Ukrainian and recorded them, which made up 27 worship albums for all generations. As a renowned worship leader and speaker, Vera has traveled extensively around the world participating in conferences, missions and music projects.

In 2014, Vera and her family moved to the USA. After planting a Russian-speaking church in Miami, Vera, using her vocal experience, created Singing Academy Online, where students from all over the world are currently studying. As the current Choir Director at the oldest Reform Jewish Congregation Beth El of Fort Meyers, Vera gained experience in Hebrew Worship and studied the history of the development of temple worship music.